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 posted by sp4nk.
goddamnit fuck, insta happened and it was wild. USA starch continued his streak of disappointment, surprising everyone by deciding to play in the first place after an ominous series of practice games the night before. USA notas did ok, but lost to honzik as expected, and more frustratingly, couldn't beat Partizan this time. smile hadis also played and got about the same results as notas, except for losing to USA notas on a casual douze.

Fortunately, USA notas had planned ahead, and recruited sp4nk OG and italian legend Italy Achille to come out of total retirement and win the tourney for us. This almost worked, and he gave us a thrilling semifinal where he overcame a 1 map disadvantage due to group placement to beat honzik1 and move on to the final. smile

Unfortunately, after all these years of effic, w00p|raffael woke up a few weeks ago and decided 'i am insta god now.' Using some dirty tricks and also godlike closing skills he was able to take out Italy Achille in two close games on complex and ot. This fucker has effic and insta titles now, its very impressive but it's starting to make us look bad. smilesmile

Thanks to Italy Achille for still almost winning with zero practice, and congrats to raffael. smile
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too busy actually playing the game to come up with news posts
 posted by sp4nk.
what's been goin on in sp4nk:

effic happened. starch, being starch, figured it was no problem to show up at the last second still completely fucked from a night of heavy drinking. This turned out to be wrong, and he was eliminated by Partizan. Unfortunately he also eliminated notas, who was the only one in the group to beat Partizan, and so sp4nk missed the finals altogether. Canada Frosty also helped screw everything up by beating USA notas but throwing against Partizan. In the end, w00p|raffael won, and wrote a sauerworld article about it. :P

To sooth the pain, check out this video of the Partizan v USA notas match, which was a thriller

Congrats to raffael and Partizan, fuck smile

ffa happened. it was rly cool. an all time huge amount of good players played. USA notas is now 3 for 3 on finals appearances and 3 for 3 on losing to nyamms 2-1. it's beginning to seem like this nyamms guy is good. smile


it seems like its been longer, but that's apparently it. echo's been playing. its cool. insta tmrw. hoping we show upsmile

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eCTF - the 'e' stands for ez
 posted by sp4nk.
It started off as a normal eCTF tourney: 6 teams, fighting to the bitter end in a double elim bo3 bracket, with only one destined to emerge as champion. All the best teams in sauer were there - at least, the best teams in sauer who heard about the tourney. Or rather, the best teams in sauer who heard about the tourney and didn't have anything else to do that Sunday. To be precise, the best teams in sauer who heard about the tourney, didn't have anything else to do that Sunday, and also bothered to actually show up, guys, wtf seriously, show up to tourneys. smilesmilesmile

So 5 teams, and the competition was stiff, but ultimately instead of a final we got the first ever eCTF 3v3 SP4NKOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF smilesmilesmile

That's right, sp4nk managed to come up with two complete teams, and those teams managed to beat everyone else in the tourney. USA starch USA hades and United Kingdom Rexus (known informally, for some reason, as team A) waltzed through the bracket, dropping only one map, while Canada Frosty USA notas and USA echo-echo (know informally as team B) feigned weakness, before winning the loser bracket final against !s 2-1 to set up a sp4nk v sp4nk final.

Team A won in 2 games smilesmilesmile

After the the players had disconnected, guaranteed 2nd place finish and aspiring journalist notas caught up with starch, still hungover, to get his thoughts on the epic finale:

notas: Lebron, 46 frags, 6 flags, 7 returns. After 15 seasons in the league, where do you find it in you to put up these kind of numbers on a nightly basis?
starch: To win in eCTF you need a full team effort. Everyone needs to make sacrifices for the team. When I woke up this morning I was getting head from a beautiful women, but I nutted early to get to the tournament on time. That's sacrifice, that's leading by example.
notas: But then you showed up to the tourney hungover.
starch: To win in eCTF you also need to let USA starch do whatever he wants.

USA notas was also able to talk to echo echo from Team B.

notas: echo, a crushing loss. Did you lose this game or did team A win it?
echo echo: Obviously it sucks to lose, especially because we trained really hard for this. I played Overwatch until I got to top 500 overall and rank 2 with Moira, which I thought would be good enough to get 1st. But since we came in second, I'm thinking maybe I need to get to top 100, or maybe get 2 or 3 different accounts in the top 500, or maybe start all over and become a Genji main.
notas: echo, are you aware that this was a sauerbraten tourney?
echo echo: yea, yea...

ggs to everyone and we'll see you next time! smilesmile
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