Join UsSecond try (application)

06.06.2016, 10:28 - Jumper - Rank 2 - 12 Posts
Hi there. Recently I noticed some activity over the sp4nk clan, despite the fact that I became less active player, I decided to try my luck again and apply here because I've always been and will be loyal to you guys. I'm 16 now which fits the rules. My nickname in-game is Jumper, alternate nicks are DAI and e=mc^2. I play the game since early 2010 with some breaks. I will post some screenshots as soon as I will find some sp4nkies for the duel. Peace.


06.06.2016, 14:37 - neon - Rank 1 - 6 Posts
wow man, how often you have birthday a year? like 3-4 times?

09.06.2016, 10:08 - Achille - Administrator - 132 Posts
Hey Jumper,
as you know we're not very very very active at the moment.
As soon as old members like sen-or Austria soilah or USA echo-echo will show up, we'll discuss about taking new young members or not. Be patient and happy fragging.
09.06.2016, 17:15 - Jumper - Rank 2 - 12 Posts
Alright till that i'll hang out with you guys as much as possible
23.06.2016, 00:19 - notas - Administrator - 119 Posts
Jumper, you can stop being patient. sp4nk has rejected you more times than i can count, and you will stay rejected. I'm not even going to bother explaining our reasons for the 50th time.

Have a nice day
26.06.2016, 08:48 - tarantula - Rank 2 - 21 Posts
good job notas! amused
26.06.2016, 20:26 - Jumper - Rank 2 - 12 Posts
that's so fucking polite notas. now, after like 2 years of being no.1 sp4nk fan you just literally killed it. when you show respect to someone you expect to get the same in return. i personally don't see any kind of respect or at least friendly behaviour, instead i see only kick or troll. then gtfo

29.06.2016, 11:37 - Achille - Administrator - 132 Posts
I suppose we can close the poll :/
01.07.2016, 13:00 - Jumper - Rank 2 - 12 Posts
I'm not even sure if you had one
03.07.2016, 22:00 - Achille - Administrator - 132 Posts
there was one and it's still going on actually..
but I think we can close it, you're not even a fan of us anymore aren't you? :S

04.07.2016, 14:22 - Jumper - Rank 2 - 12 Posts
sure, close it
04.11.2016, 17:41 - echo-echo - Administrator - 37 Posts
potato potato potato
they live underground
also this thread made my day