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01.07.2016, 00:24 - Alu - Rank 1 - 6 Posts
hi i'm 21 years old from colombia I've been playing for 3 years (spent a year without playing, 6-9 months not sure) I remember specifically starting with justice edition around 2012. whenever I have the chance I spend time in sauerbraten, I like duels, a lot, I think that is the only reason why I'm playing (duels and instagib) I like to improve my skill, my favorite modes.. ffa/teamplay, instagib, ctf and capture in fact anything that is like ffa - hold, collect, protect etc. but regen and effichold suck.

I do not know what else to say
I'm very good at reading English, but to write/speak it's difficult
01.07.2016, 13:00 - Jumper - Rank 2 - 12 Posts
02.07.2016, 01:08 - notas - Administrator - 119 Posts
hey alu, ofc we already talked in game, but hang around and talk to us/play with us as much as possible and we'll make a decision when we feel sure one way or the other.

glad to see your application
04.11.2016, 17:42 - echo-echo - Administrator - 37 Posts
Jumper wrote:


It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose
How to win? dont care!